Friday, February 16, 2007


Many more cello blogs

A google search yesterday turned up 24 more blogging cellists! Now my list includes 75 blogs by cellists!

A few are relatively new, but some have been around for quite a while. I don't understand why these didn't pop up on several previous searches.

Some observations about the cello-blogging community:

Essentially there are no common threads other than the fact that all of us in this list are bloggers who play (or try to play) the cello. It is quite an interesting community.

Thanks for being such a good researcher, Guanaco! I too have tried searches and gotten varying results on different days. I've added lots of the sites you've listed to my favorite places and check daily for updates. I personally prefer the blogs that focus specifically on the cello, but some of the others are so well written and interesting to read that I have to keep reading. In fact, one of my favorite blogs is Emily's on I had discovered her blog last summer after someone (maybe Andy?) had mentioned on the CBN board. Then one day I was searching for cello blogs and yours came up. Then I found a post where you actually mentioned Emily, and wrote about being at a concert where she played. Small world, I guess.
Cellodonna, have you looked into Google Reader? You just include your favorite blogs on its subscription list and it will automatically call up any that have been updated. Saves having to check each site every day...

Emily's blog is so well written isn't it? She's got quite a way with words.

I've found quite a few blogs that don't really focus on cello (if at all) that have ensnared me, and I look forward to each update - much like a soap opera fan. :)
Actually, it doesn't take very long to check out the 14 or so that I check daily, also for additions to the comments. Yup, like being addicted to soaps! (great analogy)
P.S. I just wish I could leave a comment on Emily's once in a while. But I don't like the idea of having to give all of that info that they want in order to register on
I know what you mean. There are a few other sites that make you register before being able to comment. I guess it keeps out the trolls.

I finally gave in and registered, though. I figured if the blog was worth reading, and worth commenting on, I may as well take that extra step. I don't imagine I'll get too much junk mail from the violin website at least ...

Unfortunately Google Reader doesn't ordinarily include comments, unless the blog is specifically setup that way. And Blogger doesn't offer that option. So, I frequently do check in on my favorite sites to follow the comments.
Impressive increase!

What about blogs in other language than English, German, and Dutch(as far as I've noticed)? French, Italian, Mongolian, Malagasy, alienish................
Hi Vito,
I've found all of these through Google searches using words such as cello or cellist, etc. (hmm, I haven't searched for violoncello yet...) So, these are the only ones, so far, that have these key words. I have found one in spanish. But usually, I try to read through the blogs enough to be sure they are written by cellists (rather than someone just mentioning a cello recital they attended, or something like that).

I wouldn't be surprised that there are many other cellists blogging in other languages, I just haven't run across them yet. Have you?
Thanks for including my blog (Spare Change) on your list! I found your blog by tracing the link back here. I'm one of those who rarely writes about the cello, because my blog focuses on social marketing, but once in a while I can link a lesson about marketing to my learning the cello. I started taking lessons almost two years ago, and it's fun to read your blog and see the commonalities in our learning experiences (and differences - e.g., I practice way less than you do!). I'm looking forward to reading the other blogs on the list too.
It's really great to see such a spirit for the cello.

I picked up cello in the Chinese Orchestra (the cello replaced a different Chinese instrument that is too fragile/expensive).

Although my blog doesn't really revolve around the cello, thanks for linking me. It's nice to meet people who share an interest in this wonderful instrument.
the cello repalce it mostly because there are now few technicians that are able to make such instrument. I was informed that the cello's sond quality really resembles to that very instrument, and the cello has a wider range and some other advantages.

I just come up with an idea. Why not recruit some volunteers who speaks other langues to help searching. Just an idle idea.

it should be vito.

Good idea. You appear to know more than one language. Would you be interested in doing this search?

Send me a note to my CelloHeaven mailbox if you want to talk about this.

Regards, G
While reviewing my hit counter, I came across yet another search that led to another 12 blogging cellists...

Hey, I just found your blog through Cello, Et Cetera. I'm hurt you didn't find me during your research :) I'll get over it though. I'm a blogging cellist who rarely actually writes about my cello, but as I mention in my profile, I have been photographed nude with my cello ;) Those pictures will be going up on my blog,, soon. Yes, it's an erotic blog, but pretty damn funny, even if you're not into sex. I'm putting the pictures up because I happen to believe the cello is one of the most erotic musical instruments ever created. It's the female form...with strings!
Yes, well. Um, interesting blog you have there, but... some younger kids do sometimes check in here. So, please don't be offended if I don't add a hot link.
LOL. Don't worry, I wasn't expecting you to link to it! I'm bad about teasing people, but I'm also a mom, so I don't want any kids reading my stuff either :) My blog is just a funny diversion to help me practice writing. Anyway, I did notice that you have a Tolstoy quote on your page. If you're a Tolstoy fan, drop me a line somewhere on my blog, and I'll send you my e-mail address. I'm a serious Tolstoy buff, and I've been looking for more people to chat with about Russian literature. In fact, I'm teaching myself Russian right now, and I'm helping some Russian pen pals learn English. Anyway, thanks for checking out my blog, even if it's not your thing :) Remember me fondly...
Hey Guanaco - what do you think about the idea of setting up a Blogging Cellists social network? There is a new (free) service called Ning that looks interesting. I read about it today on The Blog Herald and LibraryThing's Thing-ology. Also see the Ning Blog and this video introduction. ggp
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