Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Musical Pig

My guinea pig, Floyd, is starting to sing along when I play my cello. Just one part of one piece. For a while, he used to squeak every morning for a carrot or a celery stalk, but then got so used to getting one that he quit asking, and I don't have the heart to withhold them just to make him start begging again.

Since I practice each morning right beside his cage, he's had to listen to me several hours a day for most of his life (poor guy). The other day, as I was playing the last half of "The Two Grenadiers" - the part where it morphs into a version of the French National Anthem - I noticed the pig was watching me and quietly chirruping. Not in tune, or anything. But he more or less stopped when I stopped playing and started again when I started. Since then, I've been watching him during several other passages, but he only sings along to these 20 or so measures of this one song.


I hope you'll keep gathering data on the mystery of the Guinea Pig Accompaniment. There must be something triggering him to sing with that particular bit. I'm not whimsical enough to think it's musical taste.
Love the idea of a cello-guinea pig duet! You will have to record it. :-)
Maybe you've hit on the secret guinea pig national anthem, and he's singing along.

Gusdog hides under a chair when I practise. Not sure what to think of that!
Maybe he's not a Guinea Pig at all, but a French Guiana Pig.

Actually, the piece changes abruptly from g-minor to G-Major at this point. Maybe he's picking up on that change of mood?
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