Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Next lesson

I brought my two trial bows to Lesson #25 today (along with my reinvigorated cello). My teacher tried both bows on her cello and on mine. She thought the carbon fiber worked better on my cello - more even, fuller sounds. I described a sensation that the wooden bow was easier to play (it seems more responsive). I guess that all depends on what you are used to playing. She thought the wooden one was heavier at the tip than the carbon fiber bow. I felt the same.

After all that is said and done, I've decided to return them both. I'm not ready to spend so much money on a bow, yet. Maybe in the fall or for christmas... My newly rehaired bow will be back next week.

Continuing the saga of Friday's cello checkup: several people at last night's orchestra rehearsal commented that my cello sounded much different - better. Deeper, richer, not as bright. My teacher said the same thing. The Dominant c-string and g-string seem to make a huge difference, affecting even the sound from the Larsen a-string and d-string.

OK, I'm happy.

We started out on the Ashokan Farewell, from my orchestra set, playing it through pizzicato, working on some of the rhythms. She suggested I still not use the bow yet on the second section, but to continue with the pizzicato, while counting aloud. Then we moved onto Gossec's Gavotte. We played it slowly, and I did rather well on it. No real issues to work on, other than increasing the tempo, g-r-a-d-u-a-l-l-y. After each tempo increase, work on getting it fully before increasing again. I know this process works, but it is so darn hard not to give in and scream through it as fast as I can, mistakes and all.

We played a few other pieces from the earlier part of the book and then talked about the group recital at the end of March. We won't be doing the LeClerc duet after all, there's not enough time with all the other pieces in the set (this recital will include all the Suzuki Violins, Cellos, and Violas in Homer - quite a crowd!) We picked out some new fiddle tunes to work on. She will email them for me to study.

All of a sudden the hour was up.

My new cushion-in-a-bag worked well. It sure was nice not to have to drag around that folding stool.

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