Thursday, March 29, 2007


Class rehearsal today

I love playing among a group of cellos. It sounds so fine! It sure would be nice to do this more often (I'm still the only cello in my orchestra, so I never get to experience that feeling there).

As before, I got distracted listening to the blended cello sounds, and I occasionally lost my way. I know where I went wrong, though, and I think I'll be able to sort that out by Saturday. Tempo, timing, rhythm... same issues.

This week I set aside all my orchestra pieces and my lesson pieces, focusing on those six recital pieces. Four of them are ready. I've got two more days to get those other two perfected.

All day leading up to this afternoon's rehearsal, I found myself stressing about all those anxieties that have plagued me time and again, but once I sat on that stage with my cello and started quietly playing scales (pizzicato), while everyone else was arriving and setting up, it all went away.

Good luck on Saturday!
I had fun, too. It's a great feeling to see all of those instruments--an entire string section, actually--up on stage, playing music together.

I have to play extra loud so you all can hear me!!
Thanks for all the good wishes for tomorrow's recital - from everybody.

While that was not the original reason I started blogging, this sharing of experiences and comments with other bloggers really has been inspiring. Not only because of the very supportive direct feedback; but reading other musicians - of all levels and instruments - describe their doubts, their anxieties, and their satisfactions about their performances encourages me to keep going with it.
i'm envious. my orchestra has performances in a month and a half and i'm still so far behind on almost all the pieces it's not funny. fortunately, i'm not the only cello.
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