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Comment Tracking

One of the flaws in Google Reader is the inability to track comments to blog entries. Most of the time this isn't a big deal, but when you add a comment to a blog, you usually want to follow it for a while to see what other comments are added.

Gottagopractice and I have been looking for a way to build a cello bloggers' network where we could link our blogs, comments, pix, books, recordings, discussions about music, etc. We looked at Ning, but it doesn't seem to offer all the features we wanted. We really weren't looking for just another forum. Google Reader offers a good blog sharing feature that we've both adopted, but G-Reader doesn't let you share the comments directly. In the end, you still have to go back to each blog entry to follow the comments.

Until Gtgp found this today and forwarded it to me. If you notice, in my sidebar, I've added a feature that shows the various individual blog post/comments that I am tracking. Also, if you click on the comment line beneath any of my entries, you'll see a link that lets you track my comments (I guess you have to sign up with their site to make that work.)

But even better, the combined tracking list from is now being fed to my Google Reader as a single feed. It's not perfect, but it does let me see what comments are being added to the specific blog posts that I'm tracking. Better, the GReader feeds include a link that you can use to add additional comments!

The idea of a blogging cellists' community is getting closer...

By the way, if anyone wants to poke around at Ning and comment on the potential, you are welcome. Go to Cello Bloggers and request an invitation. It's set up as a private social network, so you need to register with Ning (easy). If the questions to enter the blog give you errors, just check one box. Multiple choice was giving it fits yesterday.

It's kind of fun - a little like poking around a house you are thinking of buying, and imagining how it will look with your furniture in it.
You both sound very computer savvy! When I read Guanaco's post a sort of veil descended over my brain. It's as much as I can do to actually get a comment successfully executed! I would love to know how to add a photo onto my own blog. My offspring would gladly help, I know, but my blog is my secret, so I've only got myself to blame!
Hi Rallentando. I know what you mean about the veil descending on your brain (that happens to me a lot when I read some of the fingering discussions on Cello Chat).

Once/if we get this setup and debugged, you should find it pretty easy to log into and be able to see the whole cello blogging community in one place.

Gtgp is doing most of the Ning setup :) and she's getting closer.
Hi G, I still can't follow your comments from 1) main page with bookmarklet, 2) permalink to post with bookmarklet or 3) co.mment icon at the bottom of the post. The last takes me to my co.mments page, puts the permalink in the tracking box, and gives me the same error that it can't track comments on that page.
However, it *does* work if I open the post-a-comment page and use the bookmarklet there. Still think it must have something to do with that cool thing you do with your collapsible comments. FWIW.
I've removed the Co.mments Tracking features from my blog. They didn't function properly and sometimes caused it to hang when loading.

Instead, I now feed the Co.mment Tracker to my Google Reader. There I have it set up to share the co.mments feed back to this blog's sidebar in a separate G-Reader box.

If anyone is interested, the Ning project is moving along. Check it out: Cello Bloggers.
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