Tuesday, March 27, 2007


My teacher's group recital is on Saturday

I'll be ready. I've still got some work to do in a few areas... but I think I'm going to have it all sorted out.

At today's lesson (#28), we worked through all the pieces for the recital. We never got to my latest study pieces. My primary issue (as usual) is being able to sort out my part while hearing the other parts for the first time. But after playing through each piece once or twice, I am able to fit my part into the whole.

We spent some time going over intervals and tuning issues (I just can't leave it alone). Also, we went over some of my shifting. When I do keep the appropriate finger on the string and slide it along - shifting the "proper" way - I am pretty accurate; but when I don't hold my shifting finger down and just throw myself at the approximate location on the fingerboard, I don't do very well. Gee, makes sense, doesn't it? Of course I know how to do it properly, but for whatever reason, I've developed the bad habits of doing it the other way. Something else to watch.

Speaking of watching. I've noticed lately that sometimes (just sometimes) on several of the pieces I'm playing that I can step out of my obsessive concentration on making sure I play the right note with the right bowing, and think about my bow hold, where the bow is on the string, what is my left hand/finger angle or arm angle, etc., without losing my place or missing a note.

Now for my running commentary on the weather - our streak continues. Yesterday it clouded over for only the second time since late January but no snow. This morning it was still -5 F and it only warmed up to 23F in spite of the BRIGHT sun. Sunset tonight was at 8:40, and now at 9:30 the western sky is still pink on the horizon. Our average temperatures are still holding at least 20 degrees below normal. This is global warming?

We're all assuming that this will abruptly end with a major low pressure cell bringing on our normal clouds and snow/rain - along with temperatures warm enough to melt all the crusted snow on the ground. Hopefully the annual breakup mess will be brief.

Lots of good wishes for your concert on Saturday. I'll be thinking about you. Enjoy!
G--Have a wonderful time at your group recital! It took me a long time to not "hop" when shifting. It is hard to think of everything when there are so many essential aspects to playing. Sounds like you are making good progress. Marilyn
My teacher went over the "keep your finger on the string while shifting" with me at my lesson this week too, coincidentally. It seemed so obvious after he mentioned it.

Have fun on Sunday.
Good luck with your recital. I am anxious to hear how it goes. I haven't had one yet, but am looking forward to the opportunity.
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