Sunday, March 18, 2007


Still very cold and very dry

VERY cold and VERY dry - six weeks, now (with just one unexpected snow day mixed in).

My dampits are kept well-moistened, the room humidifier runs full-time, and my cello seems to be holding up well through this extended near-absolute dryness. It doesn't sound as nasal or squeaky as in the past cold-spells. That or I've become accustomed to the sound and compensate for it somehow. Who knows? No doubt when the weather finally does warm up and start raining, I'll probably be complaining about the effects on my cello then (not to mention the rain).

I'm working hard on the playlist for our upcoming students' recital. We're not doing the traditional Suzuki "countdown", rather a sampling of several pieces in the first three books. Each of us plays what we know. I expect that I'll do well enough; with the experience of playing in the orchestra I no longer get so distracted when I hear other instruments. But moreso than in my orchestra, I don't want to miss a single note or lose a single beat. I'm practicing slowly, this week, returning once again to all those old tricky parts, replaying them into well into mindlessness. Next week, I'll bring them back up to tempo.

Meanwhile I'm making really good progress on my newest piece, Handel's Bourree. Also, even though it appears that our orchestra has set aside Ashokan Farewell for now, I've continued to work on it daily. It's quite a bit more difficult for me than my latest Suzuki pieces. I've been working on it for more than two months, but I've got a long way to go before... Maybe, if the orchestra takes it up for our winter concert, I'll actually be able to play it...

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