Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Lousy lesson

My worst lesson in a long time. (Understand this was all my own doing, nothing to do with my teacher. I have to admire her patience, tolerance, and general supportive efforts.) No matter what we played, I missed notes, my intonation was off, my timing was off, I completely botched the rhythms, and my cello just didn't sound right. The longer it went the worse it got. I was almost relieved when the lesson ended.

I've been playing all these pieces over and over for weeks, working on the tough parts, thinking carefully about how these pieces were put together and how they were supposed to sound. I was ready for this lesson.

Sorry to hear that you had a bad lesson. But you can feel good about the fact that you did a lot of practicing and that most always a good lesson follows a bad one.

Is it possible that you OVER-practiced? This has happened to me at times, where I'm so intent on getting it as "perfect" as it was in my practice session, that I forget to relax and concentrate on making it sound musical. In fact, I'm already anticipating that happening to me at my lesson this week. Whenever I become "satisfied" with my sound it backfires at some point.
I agree with cellodonna, the next lesson will probably be much better!
If you don't have a bad lesson now and then, how are you going to appreciate the spectacular ones!?

Donna is right that relaxing is important. It is hard to relax once you start making mistakes and feeling tense, of course. You might want to stop, take a deep breath, think about what you are going to play, and let the tension drain from your body.
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