Sunday, April 29, 2007



Although I'd heard about Pandora before, I finally tried it out this week after Owl's Daughter mentioned it. Once you create your profile, you can build up a variety of "stations" by entering a single artist (or song) that you like, or a group of artists and songs that you like. Pandora then streams your own personalized station to your computer - based on your preferences. Not only the actual artists and titles you entered, but a variety of pieces selected using formula developed by Pandora's Music Genome Project. The formulas try to match what you like with similar music by other artists.

I built a couple personalized "stations" that included the artists I had listed in my recent post about World Cafe - one with current music, and one with, shall we say, "historical" music.

Nice. Very little repetition. Lots of surprises. Interesting.

Now I have to work on transferring this to my home stereo system - the computer speakers just don't quite cut it, although with headphones it isn't so bad. Now, if I could just access Pandora in my car, I wouldn't need a radio or an iPod.

very cool! I read about this on another blog. I'll have to give it a try.
Hi viola power. I found your blog via TBA's blog.

Too bad Pandora isn't very big on classical music. Still, a nice program for my non-classical moments.

Hope you're doing well and not lost in the Pandora like I am.

It is too bad it doesn't do much classical music but it's still fun!

Happy practicing....

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