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Last year at Halloween, Pink Puffy Slippers posted a clip of an interesting cello duet - kind of spooky, very appropriate for Halloween. I asked for a copy to start working on so we could maybe record it as an online duet by next Halloween. Her copy of the score did not include the name of the piece, only the composer and a reference number for the book it apparently came from. Several attempts to find out more about Jean LeClerc led me to a book of cello duets published by Editio Budapest. An internet search found only one obscure reference to Jean LeClerc. In addition to blogging about this piece several times I sent copies to Mig, Erin, and Gottagopractice.

The other day I was scanning the Cellos2Go online catalogue and saw a few cello books by Editio Budapest, so I sent an email to Ellen G asking if she'd look in their tables of contents to see if this piece was listed. She's so cool; I really like buying from her. She replied back that the LeClerc duet was titled "Tambourin". Finally! Problem solved! I searched for more information about music with that title, and found out that this piece was originally composed for the harpsichord by Jean-Phillipe Rameau (1683-1764). It was published in 1724 in his Second Book of Parts for the Harpsichord. Here's a copy of that score. You can also listen to a clip of the harpsichord version by scrolling down to Sample #8 in this Amazon link. Apparently LeClerc just arranged it as a cello duet at some point after that. Maybe that explains why I never could find out much about him.

I still like the piece better played slower as a cello duet, but then I'm biased.

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Excellent sleuthing...
Wonderful. I didn't even realize it had Editio Budapest on it.
Another blogging cellist.

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