Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Carving a cello in 1094 photos

Jasmine Davis, from Gosforth, Australia, recently completed a six month project to craft a cello. She photographed each step of the process in exquisite detail and published them here: Cello Gallery.

I am impressed with the amount of patience and persistence, using simple - often homemade - tools that she needed to do this. The finished product is quite pretty. I would love to hear how it sounds.

Cool gallery. It made me wonder about the purpose of purfling, and while googling I came across another 'making a cello' page here.
Purfling sure seems to be one of the most exacting tasks, doesn't it? The whole process is so fascinating to me. I spent a couple hours scrolling through all those photos (Jasmine is quite a photographer as well as a luthier.)

A sister of David Wiebe, the luthier in that other gallery, is a pianist and violist who lives nearby. She is the prime sponsor and motivator of classical music in our area. She says her brother's instruments are "sold out" many years before they are even made.
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Thanks Guanaco for your comments on my cello and gallery. If you want sound samples you can download them here:

It was quite a task building the cello but very rewarding. It has exceeded ever expectation that I wished for and it was such an experience that I have already started building my second one.

Thanks again for your comments and link.

Jasmine Davis
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