Sunday, June 17, 2007


CelloBloggers Meet

I wonder why I've never taken a photo of my own acoustic and electric together. In fact, I'm not sure I've ever had them out of their cases at the same time. [Maybe I don't want my acoustic to know..?] Anyway here's Pink Fluffy Slippers' cello beside my Yamaha.
*Pay no attention to that sunburned arm.*

For a while, PFS played the Yamaha while I got to try out her acoustic cello. It has such a nice, warm sound, with lots of strength in the lower register. I think she liked the distortion options with the electric - for a just moment I even heard the ghost of Jimi... Then we played several duets. It took me several run-throughs on most of them to get my part sorted out - she was very patient. But then, when I finally got it right, our duets sounded so good. It is new for me to play one part while listening to another, especially another cello, close-up.

The Rameau/LeClerc duet came out pretty good. We played it several times, alternating turns with the melody. I found that it worked better if I didn't try so hard and just let go and trust my "memory" to play it right. I still am not comfortable enough yet to record it, but we did agree to do that later this year - hopefully in time for Halloween.

Finally, I asked her if she minded playing the Bach Cello Suite part that she's been working on. I only hope I can get there one day.

How nice it was to actually meet another celloblogger!

How wonderful that you and PFS had a chance to meet and play together. Love the photo, too. Tantalizing.
Hey, you cropped the garden gnome out of the picture. :)

And both of us forgot to mention the fascinating fact that the electric cello caused the acoustic cello to vibrate. But maybe that's old news to you.
Sorry about the gnome. I was trying to crop out that larger sunburned gnome holding the cello.
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