Sunday, June 24, 2007


Fires at Home

Leaving Pahrump on Friday, we followed a crooked path on the blue highways up through the center of Nevada. The roads are mostly long straight runs across the deserts. Every hundred miles or so, the road would climb up a pass to small high mountain towns like Tonopa, Austin, or Eureka, and then drop back down into another desert valley for another hundred miles. Very little traffic, and except for the passes, very few turns. I really like driving these routes. The deserts varies from the rocky, sandy mountains in the southwest part of the state to the sparse, piney hills in the northern part.

From Elko we drove north on another largely unused road to Mountain Home, Idaho and then made a brief final run on another interstate highway that took us to a fantastic drive from Boise up through McCall (what a nice little town!). I've been a fan of river canyons since first driving the Wind River canyon in central Wyoming more than 25 years ago. Yesterday's drive from Elko, NV to Clarkston, WA took us through four different river canyons. Today, we're staying at a nice campground overlooking the Snake River in Clarkston. It is so nice here we decided to stay over one more day before starting the 2,500 mile trek home.

Today, we're reading about a major forest fire about 25 miles south of where we live on the Kenai Peninsula. Seems the fire started with sparks from someone grinding a shovel blade (?)... Hard to believe that could spread to 50,000 acres in just a few days. Still the spruce bark beetles have killed off millions of acres leaving forests of gray sticks in their wake. Good tinder.

Y always gets so anxious about fires anywhere near us. All she can think about is her sewing machines and fabric collections that she'd take to safety - not the photo albums, documents, or heirlooms - just her sewing machines and boxes of fabric. I guess, saving the rest would be my job - but only after her stuff is loaded. I'm much more fatalistic. There's not much point in fretting about it. I've cleared brush and trees from around the house, but it does have a large wooden deck surrounding three sides, so if it burns, I guess it will burn. If a fire does come our way, I'll deal with it then.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, Paris gets out of jail in just a few more days! What could top that?

Never thought I'd see anything about Paris Hilton on Cellomania. She's truly *everywhere* now.
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