Thursday, June 21, 2007


RV Rant

OK, for those who don’t want to read a rant about RV parks and their clientele, now would be a good time to click out:

* What makes people think that their Fifi is not covered by the detailed pet rules posted all over the campground? We were parked for most of the week across the road from a small grassy area, with fairly large signs posted telling people to keep their dogs off the grass. Yet, every day, more than half a dozen campers would casually stroll by with their Fifi on a leash (at least) and stand there as Fifi walked onto the grass and did his/her business. Right in front of the very visible signs! Fewer than half of those owners bothered to use a bag and cleanup the mess. If I’d had a video camera I would have had something to send to the campground owners.

This problem is universal to all campgrounds. For some reason many RV owners, who become so quickly riled up whenever the issue of pets and pet management come up in the RV forums, somehow believe that it’s OK if their Fifi just does it “just this one time”, because it is too far to have to walk all the way to the designated pet areas. Sure, there are many legitimate pet owners who do follow the rules (we always do), but they have to put up with all those who so blatantly disregard them. They don’t seem to care that many other users of this same park and grassy areas are kids on bikes and scooters. What they don’t realize is that if only even four people a day let their dogs do it in that small area, that means that almost 1,500 dogs urinate and/or crap in that same small area in the course of one year. Yech.

* What makes people think that it’s OK for them to drive 35 mph through a campground with dozens of clearly marked signs warning that the speed limit is 5 mph? With all those little kids on bikes, skates, and scooters? Or that their big-wheeled unmufflered quads are also not allowed, nor appropriate?

* On the other hand, why do campgrounds not police their own rules? Tell people when they check in that if they let Fifi crap or pee anywhere but the designated pet areas, they’ll have one hour to pack up and get out. That if they drive faster than 5 mph they’re also out. Maybe their theory is that it’s acceptable if at least 75% of us follow the rules; thus offsetting the negativity caused by those other 25%.

* Why do some people who own RVs feel entitled to play their outside radios (so conveniently installed by uncaring manufacturers in most motorhomes) loud enough to bother everyone who is unfortunate enough to be assigned neighboring spots? The case at hand involved a couple with two Fifis (yes they peed on the grass beside the sign two days in a row) who chose to play their country music radio station at elevated volume all afternoon; even while they took off on a walk for what turned out to be an hour. I was threatening to stroll over and turn it down while they were gone, but Y was mortified that I would consider it. So I endured.

* Why do people who come into campgrounds with sites usually less than 30 feet wide feel it is OK to leave their “porch” light on all night long - glaring into their neighbor’s windows? While it makes sense to have an outdoor light for use in the evening, there’s just no excuse to leave it on all night long. I was threatening to go buy a BB pistol and shoot it out if they did it again (but they left the next morning.) Hey, I could have used that same BB pistol to shoot out that offending radio.

The fabled allure of communal “camping” is too often ruined by one or two obnoxious trolls who feel they have a right to impose their entertainment or their toys on everyone else. I’m thinking it’s time to head home.

Well... RV motorhomes travel can sometimes materialize into something awful!
I laughed out loud at this post! I am sensitive to the same things. At least you can move your RV onto hopefully more considerate pastures the next night. I, however, live in what I call "Little Tijuana" and am treated daily to the mired dulcet tones of banda music while I try to record my podcast. Hope cello is going well for you this summer. :)

oom pa pa, oom pa pa....
(banda euphonium sounds)
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