Thursday, June 21, 2007


San Diego

A week in southern California sadly had to end and we headed for Las Vegas. Most of our time was spent in San Diego, with its wonderful weather and fantastic beaches. I think I could live there - only if it was near the beach. Y wasn’t so impressed – but she doesn’t like beaches as much as I do. Z could care less – as long as there is WiFi, he seems content.

So, like all tourists to San Diego do, we spent a day at the zoo, a day at Sea World, an afternoon in La Jolla (wow!), another afternoon in the Coronado and Gas Lamp areas, and even a few hours wasted in Tijuana. [What is the attraction of Tijuana, anyway? None of the locals in San Diego that I talked to ever go across the border. They couldn’t understand the attraction to us tourists. After those two hours, neither can I. Ugh.]

The zoo is nice, but since our last visit, the zoo has been overrun by double-decker buses. The walkways have become freeways with dozens of buses, work-trucks, and golf-carts buzzing back and forth all the time. For example, a few peaceful moments talking to the elephants and then the guanacos(!) across the street were ruined when two buses pulled up with drivers blaring out their lame descriptions through loudspeakers. The guanacos, curious to see the three former compañeros who had taken so much interest in them, quickly moved away from the road. Z was also enchanted with the hippos and the large capybaras (which look so much like Floyd).

Sea World, as always, was good. Except for their Shamu show (all the killer whales are now called Shamu), which was too Disney-esque with high-tech glitzy features and unendurably loud Disney-like music blaring out of the gigantic speakers surrounding the pool (poor whales). We kept expecting one of their more recent cartoon characters to make an appearance. What’s that about? At least the dolphins and the sea lion shows were still fun. A brief Cirque du Soleil water-themed show was also good. Although the admit price is now $58 per person!!!, plus $10 to park!!!, it wasn’t a bad day. Been there, and done that, though.

We spent most of our time, though, relaxing and doing nothing. We took a lot of walks along the harbor behind the RV park. I played my cello almost every morning while Z slept in. I don’t feel as if I’m making progress, but I’m probably not losing much ground. I am carefully fingering (pizzicato) my way through the Lully Gavotte.

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