Monday, June 11, 2007


Santa Barbara

As we inch our way down the coast, we find ourselves this afternoon relaxing in the sun on a bluff above the ocean just outside Santa Barbara.

The drive from Santa Cruz on 101 was really nice. (I would like to have driven through Big Sur on California Highway 1 - I drove that route more than 20 years ago - but it really isn't very motorhome-friendly). Anyway, traffic on 101 was pretty light, but a coastal fog shrouded many of the surrounding hills along the way. Nevertheless, the terrain from Paso Robles through Pismo Beach is so fine! I wonder why more people aren't living in this area? Hmm, I wonder what a modestly sized house on a couple acres on a remote hilltop would cost?

We continue south again tomorrow.

I was reading quickly, and thought you said in the buff. Shocking. But no, that's in the sun on a *bluff*. Better get my coffee, and maybe my glasses. Happy motoring!
Santa Cruz, Big Sur, etc, yeah, in some places it could be in the buff.

So Guanaco, how far south are you going? (I haven't been following as closely as I should'a.)
Way too many decades have passed since I would have even dared consider the buff version...

We'll drive as far as San Diego, and then take a bus to Tijuana.
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