Monday, July 23, 2007



Tonite at Orchestra we were three cellos and three violins. We decided to try to prepare three or four cello trios for next Tuesday's lunch concert. Although they're pretty easy, I'll be fairly busy this week working on them. We haven't worked out who takes what part yet, so we agreed each of us should learn all three parts and decide next Monday.

One of the trio pieces we looked at but set aside for now was another variation on Rameau's Tambourin. It wasn't nearly as interesting or as extensive as the duet that PFS and I have been working on for some time now. I surprised myself by playing the top part (from memory) to show them the version I knew - and I played it flawlessly(!) We decided to put this trio version aside and we'll talk later about playing the duet version in the fall.

Since we're playing several short cello trios, the conductor wondered aloud which piece she should drop from the playlist -- in unison the three cellos immediately called out: "dump Pachelbel!" She laughed and commented that an orchestra is not a democracy... and that's when we realized that for tonite, at least, this orchestra was a Cellocracy.

And we're the Cellocrats.

Yeah, Cellos Rule!

We need more cellocracies in the world!

I never knew I was a cellocrat. Wow.
Cellos Rule!

Cellocrats, vote down Pachabel - check out the YouTube rant
Guanaco, another new cello blog!
Super Cyber Cello Chat
I forgot to thank "Laura" for coining this one.

Maybe we should consider changing the name of Cellobloggers to Cellocrats?
Hehe, on your map, I'm from Africa. Weird.

Hehe that would be cool. Cellocrats. I like that. :) *Runs around screaming Cellocrats at the top of my lungs*
Heehee, that's what I called the Cello Mafia, which has now become a widely used term in our orchestra!
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