Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Library Concert

Our part of the Summer Music Festival was a casual noon-time venue - we were staged in the magazine section against the back windows at the local library. First though, we had a dress rehearsal across the street at the Montessori school where we have been meeting lately. An audience of about 15 surprisingly well-behaved 4 and 5 year old students sat appreciatively in one corner of the room as we quickly played through most of our pieces and worked out some final kinks in one or two of them.

Then we carried our gear across the street and quickly reset everything as an audience of about 25 library patrons gathered to watch. We went through our playlist smoothly, doing rather well. I think we drifted apart for four or five measures in one song, but quickly got back together and finished in good order. We even successfully played the one piece that we hadn't quite succeeded with at our recital last May.

I had abandoned my Suzuki lesson plan for the last week so I could focus on this program, and by now I was pretty comfortable with most of it. I still had one or two flubs, where my mind saw the E but my fingers played the G instead - that sort of thing. At one point I lost my place for about a measure and a half - I got distracted by that E/G flub - but I firmly shut down that inner critic before it could start up one of its old routines, and I quickly saw a good opening and jumped right back in again.

Then The Cellocracy was introduced and we played our four trios. They also went well - one piece was a little rocky because we all had slightly different rhythms and really hadn't enough rehearsal time together to get used to the combined version. I suspect that only one or two of the ringers in our group even noticed anything was awry.

Then all-too-soon, it was over. Everybody lingered for just a moment afterwards - slowly putting away our instruments, congratulating one another and basking for just a minute in that wonderful glow of a successful performance.

That's what it's all about.

Tomorrow I will install all four new Jargars and go back to Suzuki once again.

Congratulations! I enjoyed reading about your performance. Did you record it?

I think it's great that you were able to recover during a performance. That is definitely a great skill to have, just like cats with their "I meant to do that" attitude. One lesson that I learned from my high school days (quite a while ago!!) when I was the organist for my church was that 99.9% of the people listening can't tell if you mess up, especially if you don't give any sign that you did. That has carried me through many flubs (the one that I was always terrified of doing but thank goodness never did was miscount which verse of the hymn I was on).
Ahhh the "glow of a successful performance" ... Yes. I know exactly what you mean. Congratulations once again.
Good for you, Guanaco! It's good to have that 'jumping back in' skill.
Oops, didn't mean to echo Cellogeek so closely. Great minds think alike, or something like that :)
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