Monday, July 09, 2007


Reality check

The dog is out cold, her front paws paddling in her sleep - she's probably dreaming of chasing a moose.

The guinea pig is standing against his cage begging for another carrot (he's had his morning ration, but that won't stop him... )

The crazy cat is sitting in his latest box, a strawberry carton, systematically biting chunks of cardboard off the sides. Aaack. It's worse than fingernails on a chalkboard.

I was practicing my D-minor scales, in preparation for moving onto the Lully Gavotte. I've been stuck on the rhythms in measure 20 - a half-note trill that slurs into a dotted quarter note and then ends with a staccato eighth note - then into measure 21 - starting on another eighth note followed by an eighth rest, and a dotted quarter that turns into a run of eighth notes up and down the D-minor scale. I just can't seem to get these two measures' rhythms into my head, yet. The rest of the piece is coming along nicely. I'm not having much trouble with those 3rd position shifts....

In keeping with the minor key, the sky is gray - again, with promises of rain all week.

The cat just flew by - eyes wild, ears back - resuming his never-ending quest to madly run over every possible horizontal surface in the house.

Enough sidetracking, I've still got to play through the pieces for tonight's orchestra rehearsal.

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