Thursday, July 05, 2007



We sure seemed to have skedaddled away from the growing heat wave in the Southwest just in time. The whole week we were in San Diego we only used the A/C once or twice, just for a few hours. Then, Pahrump was hot enough for me at 107, I can't begin to imagine it at ten degrees hotter. By the time we'd escaped to Lewiston, ID, it was finally cool and downright balmy for us displaced Alaskans. Now, though everyone is suffering 100+ temps...Yikes.

Meanwhile the forest fires here burned to within 10 miles of our house, but were stopped last week, mercifully, by cool wet weather. Now though we're sitting here in the gray rain fending off the mosquitoes, wondering... Is there any location/climate that is just right - all the time? or at least most of the time?

I dimly recall living for a brief period in paradise many, many years ago... a small, remote hilltop town called Mandeville, in the south-central part of Jamaica. The average annual temperature was (still is, I guess) 70F; summer days sometimes reached 80F, and some winter nights dropped as low as 60F. Aaaaaah. Every day at about 3:00 it rained hard for an hour or so, then suddenly stopped, the clouds moved on, and the sun dried everything out before sunset, revealing stunning starlit nights. I'm surprised 40 million people haven't moved there. I wish I could go back. Why did I leave? Unfortunately I learned from those few years that I was not cut out to be a high school teacher...

I'm hoping to go see Hot Tuna tomorrow evening in Ninilchik. Hard to believe Jorma Kaukonen and Jack Casady are still at it. I guess it is telling that their tour schedule brings them so far into the backwaters. Still, Jefferson Airplane's Surrealistic Pillow was one of my first buys, and I bought so many more after that... Our other big concert event this summer will be BeauSoleil in mid-August.

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