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Cellocracy had an audition for a spot in the October "Evening of Classics" concert. Our strings orchestra will be playing and Cellocracy "might" yet get a slot. We hadn't had a chance to practice together since our debut at the luncheon concert at the library at the end of July, so we didn't do very well at this audition. But since we at least knew our individual parts reasonably well, it was suggested that we should practice together a few times, and do another audition in two weeks. The hard part is trying to fit three or four practice sessions into all our schedules.

Our orchestra began its fall schedule Monday. There were three cellos and a bass (!), along with a viola and a handful of violins. The orchestra has been invited to play with the Anchorage Youth Symphony early next year, but only for kids. This opportunity has attracted several new players who are quite talented - many sit in with the Kenai Peninsula Orchestra. This will require some organizational adjustments to keep everyone involved and motivated. I'm just happy to be able to play, whenever.

We did a quick run-through of some of our music list. It includes several repeats from last year, but also quite a few new pieces - one that we sight-read on Monday had some fourth-position shifts. I'm ready, I think...

Today, I played the Gossec Gavotte through much faster than I'd ever done before. I missed more than a few notes, but kept on going just to see if I could do it. In the end, it wasn't that bad, but I will slow down that metronome again for a while. I've been watching my left thumb - trying to keep it with my second finger as I shift and extend. I've also been monitoring my right shoulder and elbow as I bow. I think my shifts are more accurate...

Good luck on the audition, and on Gossec Gavotte! I am playing the Gavotte in a concert this weekend, in a flute quartet version. It is soooo much easier to play quickly on the flute! It will come, though, on the cello. It's a fun piece.
I like this piece. I brings me back to when I was quite young watching cartoons on our black & white TV. I suppose that's where I first heard a lot of classical music.

Each day it comes a little easier.
So glad to hear that you're having all these playing opportunities. Good luck with the audition.

I too got my intro to classical on cartoons. Not a good thing for me, though, because for a very long time I associated that music with silliness.
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