Saturday, August 18, 2007


Cajun music

I'm thinking I should probably let my gray hair grow long again and start wearing it in a pony tail; a mustache and beard may or may not be included (I finally cut my hair in 1974; I kept the mustache until 1992.)


Last night we went to an outdoor concert at the Kenai Peninsula Fair by BeauSoleil. Michael and David Doucet formed this group in 1975 and soon their unique blend of cajun zydeco, tex-mex, country, blues, and a little calypso music burst onto the national stage. The sound comes from Southern Louisiana (they are from Lafayette) where the cajun zydeco style grew up in the small bars and dance halls in the backwater bayous. The combination of fiddle and accordion along with guitar, bass, drums, and washboard, and of course Micheal's vocals, make their sound so unique.

Maybe it's because I spent 15 years as a child in south Louisiana, although we lived in suburbia and seldom ventured into cajun country, but I became an instant fan with the release of their first album in 1977. I'd not heard much about them for the last few years, although every once in a while one of their CDs would shuffle up on my player and I'd stop whatever I was doing for a while to reminisce.

Their appeal must be particular to my age group, because the average age of the 200 or so who attended last night's concert was probably above 50. Two thirds of the men wore their long gray hair in pony tails. More than half the women also wore their hair long and gray. There was a smattering of younger listeners and lots of kids, but it was mostly us old folks who were caught up by their fast driving cajun rhythms. I'd forgotten how intense these guys are. After playing two hours without rest, Micheal Doucet's fiddle should have been smoking. How does he maintain that pace? At first a handful of couples got up to dance in the grass in front of the stage; by the end of the show almost everyone was on their feet, dancing or swaying. Whew.

I suppose I've seen most of these concert-goers over the years - singly or in pairs, but this was the first time being amongst so many hippies still living some version of "the life". This concert brought back together an interesting divergence in lifestyles - for every VW bus in the parking lot, there was also a hybrid. At the end some of us went back to their alternative lifestyles off the grid; the rest of us returned to our undercover lives out in the real world. Until BeauSoleil comes back again.

Concerning the Google Pack I downloaded the other day... I got frustrated with the indexing process of the Desktop search function and removed it. It was dragging down the system and locked up the browser every time I tried to open any of the processes to adjust settings, etc. I think I'll try again later, maybe after Google does some additional debugging. But I've retained the StarOffice package and the virus scanner.

Sounds trippy! I want to see you rock the ponytail! I kinda dig long gray hair, but if my grandmother's is any indication, mine will still be barely streaked by the time I'm in my 80s.
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