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A few things from today's Lesson #35:

The right elbow is an important pivot. Don't use the shoulder and upper arm to move the bow. Hold them still and use the forearm/elbow to move the bow. Keep the wrist straight with the forearm. This technique will allow me to play these passages faster and more accurately. Now that I more or less know the scale runs in the Lully Gavotte and the Boccherini Minuet, I'm ready to start playing them faster. The next piece in Suzuki 3 that I'll be learning is a Scherzo by C. Webster, mostly 16th note pairs, played Presto. Controlling my bow arm this way is an important tool for mastering these.

My staccatos need a lot of attention. Start and stop each note with intent. Bite into the string and then stop without lifting the bow.

We went through these two pieces in great detail. After a few missteps, I was able to play through the Gavotte fairly well. We did mark several passages that need specialized attention.

Then we turned to the Minuet. I had several questions about how to finger certain passages, and we played each note in them, one-by-one. Finally we played Suzuki's Moon Over The Ruined Castle both in 3rd and 4th position.

Other general notes:

Mods to my practice routine:

One of my teacher's pedagical sayings is "Practice slowly for the bowly," by which he means to move the bow slowly through it's motions while you are focusing on where each note is on the bow, where the bow is on the string, what the speed should be, and where you accelerate or decelerate.

I feel so indolent in this lessonless part of the year.
I like to just relax and drop my right shoulder every so often, just to see if I can release a bit more tension. The more relaxed the shoulder, the better the tone. Maybe Terry could explain the physics behind that.
The bowing shoulder is my biggest problem. My teacher says I've got too much tension there and it is not relaxed...but concentrating on being relaxed is distracting me!! <;)

I think I will add different bow strokes to my scales..especially hooked bowing.
Ok, I bit on the bait. I posted some blah-blah on bowing shoulder on my blog. I hope it makes sense.
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