Tuesday, September 25, 2007



(Poster by Emily Grossman)

I feel as if I'm neglecting my blog lately; I've only posted four times this month (well, this makes five) - compared to 12 or more in a regular month. About a month ago, I picked up several new consulting projects which have completely monopolized my time. I miss retirement.

I still practice my cello two and a half hours each morning, I attend orchestra rehearsals every Monday evening, and I attend rehearsals of our Cellocracy trio every week.

In the ether, I do manage to keep up with the more than 300 blog and comments feeds on my GoogleReader, which generate about 100 entries per day (although I admit I do just skim over some of them from time to time). I haven't looked at the ICS forums for several weeks now and I only log into CelloHeaven every few days in order to delete the spam/applicants from the memberlist, but I do check in on Cellobloggers every day or so.

I feel as if my muse has deserted me. I don't have anything to write about. My cello reports seem to have become repetitive and uninteresting - to quote my favorite TV character, Dr. House, "a parade of sad banalities." I used to have all sorts of ideas I wanted to blog about... but lately I feel as if I've just gone dry.

After a long screechy week (especially with that dang temperamental A-string and some of those upbow B's and E's), the mellow, rich tones have finally returned to my cello. Who knows why? This seems to happen on a regular basis, probably related to the seasonal changes. We have seen a 10 to 15 degree average temperature drop in the last two weeks. Humidities have also been somewhat high all month. Hmm, higher humidities, lower temperatures, screechy cello.

Several weeks ago I sped up my metronome from 104 to 112. After a frustrating week trying to adapt - I was making a lot of mistakes and felt pretty clumsy. So, I recently turned it back down to 108, which made a big difference. (That's what happens when I try to move ahead sooner than I should.)

Saturday, I ordered a trial set of bows from Cellos2Go. One of my fellow trioists also ordered some bows from her, so we're going to share. I think I'm ready for an upgrade. Yeah, maybe that'll do it!

I hear ya.
There has been a lot of talk on the ICS I&E forum about the CodaBow diamond series. Is that in your mix?
Funny isn't it! I haven't felt like writing in my blog the last few weeks!

I love House one of my fave tv programmes!
I've had no time to practice individually recently! All been orchestra and the rest of life -which of course gets in the way! I am 36 and am periodically heard to say I can't wait til retirement age! A colleague ( a teacher) due to retire in 2 years said in response to this yes but most of your life has passed as you approach retirement -which gave me a little perpsective!
Good luck with the bows.
Beautiful poster!

I felt the same way in the beginning of September. I didn't post at all in the first 2 weeks of this month. I go through periods like this in all areas of my life. Especially with cello practice. I get into the doldrums but then something will spark and I get on a high again. I have the feeling the bow trials might do it for you :)
Geez, I kinda wish I'd run out of things to blog about for a while. I've definitely not had much cello-related to say lately. Well, G, I trust your muse will return, if she's meant to.
2 1/2 hours a day of practice! I'm jealous.

I've never seen Dr. House, but "a parade of sad banalities" is a wonderful phrase. Sure blogging about practice can get repetitive, 'cause practice is repetitive. But look where it's taking you. The "sad banalities" are punctuated with (sometimes hectic) performance experiences. Most others will only dream and never do.
My own blogging was down in September, and it seemed to me that other people were not posting as much. I attributed it to the "back-to-work" orientation of September. I've been very busy with work and concerts myself. But I do enjoy reading about the "sad banalities" and frequent triumphs of your practicing, concerts, ruminations, and those of other bloggers, and do appreciate your role in assembling us in cyberspace. I trust your muse will return, with armloads of goodies.

I love the drawing of the violin in the poster.
Wow, lots of feedback today...

First things, first. I forgot the hotlink to violinist/artist who drew the poster; so here it is: Emily Grossman's blog.

"Sad Parade of Banalities" would make a great blog title for somebody...

Also, the great last sentence in Terry's comment above: "Most others will only dream and never do." That would have been a good subtitle for John Holt's book, "Never too Late".

Maybe the onset of autumn has our "muses" attending to necessities such as storing away food and ensuring adequate shelter for the long winter to come (that is, except for Terry and PFS in sunny southern California).

One of the bows my trio partner requested is a Coda Diamond, so I will get to try it out.
Blahs are perfectly understandable.... but step back for a moment & look at what you wrote:

"I still practice my cello two and a half hours each morning, I attend orchestra rehearsals every Monday evening, and I attend rehearsals of our Cellocracy trio every week."

How do you think the you of 1 year ago would feel about that? Pretty envious, I'd think!
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