Wednesday, October 10, 2007



I feel as if I've just come out of a coma. Aside from my jealously guarded music time, I've done nothing else these last six weeks but work and sleep (and far too often, thinking about work instead of sleeping). I just emailed a draft of that project off to my client and now I can finally take a breather for a week or so until I have to start making final revisions, etc. Whew.

Fall has come and gone. It seemed much more colorful than normal this year; the leaves changed colors much slower than we're used to, and perhaps because of this we saw more oranges, golds, and even a few reds before it all went brown and then fell. Until this weekend the temperatures had been warmer than usual, with no overnight hard frosts - I can remember frosts as early as mid-August. Instead we had to rely on the declining daylight to trigger everything. With the recent sunny weather and all the trips for rehearsals and lessons last few weeks I got to watch the whole process as I was putting all those miles on my car.

And, so...

Oh, yeah, the bow trials: I mentioned the other day that I had found a small crack in the white bone plate at the tip. I'm 90% sure I didn't cause it, but I talked at length with Ellen about it. She wasn't too concerned, pointing out that it would be easily replaced at the next rehairing. She was more concerned that there was some change occurring in the bow itself because it was getting regular use instead of sitting on a shelf. She asked if I minded holding onto it and playing it for a while to see if anything else would happen to it. Also, since I preferred it over the others, I could use it to compare against the next three bows she was going to send.

Guanaco, I admire you for maintaining your cello practice time despite your busy work schedule. When I have too much work, I usually limit my practice time, or keep putting it off until I am too tired. Not good, I know.
Congratulations for finishing that project. I hope you got a rest as peaceful as those hippos'
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