Thursday, October 25, 2007


Guinea Piglets

Penelope and Hortense (7 weeks old)

Cuuuute! Are they yours? What does Kitty think?
Not long after we lost Floyd, I mentioned to my orchestra stand partner that I'd lost my practice partner at home. She said her sister's guinea pigs had just surprised them (the surprise was that one was in fact a female), by delivering several babies.

The cat is offended, of course, by these new intrusions on his peace and domination of the household. We are trying to limit the amount of time he stares into their cage...
Hopefully, Penelope and Hortense are both female, or you will be surprising others with a little gift or two soon. Glad to see that you have a practice partner or two again. Hope you will be happily playing trios for years to come.
It was quite a scene when Z and I went to pick out the babies! Our only criteria was that they had to be the same gender. But it sure wasn't easy trying to grab one of the four piglets running around screaming with their mother chirping and their father hollering from the next cage.

When I finally did catch one, he was squirming so much it took quite a while to make a good *ahem* inspection. The chase was repeated three more times as we examined and classified each of the babies. Then to be sure we had to catch and check each parent.

Whew, by the time we finished we were exhausted - mostly from laughing at the chaos. We think that we got two females.
Adorable! I love the names, too. "Penelope" has always been a favorite of mine.
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