Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Kicking the habit

For the last week, I've been working through the fingerings for all those shifts in the Beethoven Minuet in G. I'm guessing that Suzuki included this piece at this point in order to force me to let go of my attachment to first and second position. This piece sure keeps me moving around.

My methodical approach - focusing on all the shifts first, and secondarily fingering it pizzicato - seems to be working. I haven't started bowing it yet, although I am watching all the slurs and hooked connections as I pluck each note. The fact that this tune is so familiar seems to be helpful - I already know how it's supposed to sound, which makes it easier to tell when my fingers don't quite reach their proper locations.

What's surprising is that these shifts are already starting to fall into place.

I enjoy starting pieces like this, watching them come together and slowly beginning to feel that indescribable sensation of accomplishment / power / control...

The Scherzo is also falling into place. Every few days, I've added 5 to 10 bpm to the metronome (set at one beat per pair of sixteenths - for now).

I just noticed that this is my 350th post.

Oh ... that's cool that you're working on the Scherzo this week. I'm currently "revisiting" that one at my lesson to firm up a bowing technique. I'll be thinking of you as I practice it. In addition, I'm continuing to struggle with sections of the Marcello Sonata in Em from Book 4.

You've made fantastic progress in 2 years.
Thanks, but there's so much more yet to go...

I just looked at the Marcello Sonato - all I can see is a lot of black dots.
I'm having a random couple of days, so can I ask you a question unrelated to this post? (though congrats on your shifts falling into place...it's nice to jump and then find that your technique catches you.)

How can you stray from the blogger template? Like, you have a big image at the top of your page, and some people have insane amounts of art on their page...do I need to get into html, or is it simpler than that?

Ok, gonna go watch the cats meowing again.
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