Saturday, October 20, 2007


Tambourin, Leclerc - Duo violoncello

It's been a while since I've even looked at the Tambourin piece by Jean LeClerc (actually it turned out to have been composed by Jean-Phillipe Rameau - see that discussion, here).

With all the pieces to learn for orchestra and our trio, I put it aside and more or less forgot about it.

Then today I checked the referrals in my counter tracker, as I often do to see where the hits to my blog come from, and found that we had popped up in a Google-Mexico search for "Tambourin Jean LeClerc".

Among the search results was this YouTube video of a couple of Brazilian guys playing this particular duet. They appear to be playing the same version that I've been tinkering with.


I've played this piece but it was a violin/cello duo. The one I have is by Rameau. I like it!
Wow, that's really fun to see! Do you think the black cello is painted wood or carbon fiber?
I thought it might be carbon fiber, but for sure it isn't the Luis & Clark model, because the L&Cs don't have the pointed corners (at the bottom of the upper bout and the top of the lower bout), and this black one does have the points.
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