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From Mirriam-Webster :
1. feeling, displaying, or reflecting listlessness or discouragement;
2. having nothing likely to provide cheer, comfort, or interest; gloomy, dismal;
Etymology: Middle English drery, from Old English drēorig sad, bloody, from drēor gore; akin to Old High German trūrēn to be sad, Gothic driusan
to fall;
Date: before 12th century

Yeah, it's like that. We're currently losing more than 5 minutes of sunlight each day.

So the sun is supposed to come up around nine... it doesn't... the sky just morphs to a dark dull gray... snow, rain, wind, snow, more rain... about four-thirty the gray skies turn black again...

This has gone on all week; and they say next week it will be the same. Aw c'mon how about some real snow... or a few cold, clear days?

This type of slow, dragged-out winter onset is always the worst. Sure, February is also tough, but for other reasons.

Lately, I've been playing cello about three hours a day. I've cut way back on my warmup routines, and on the Book 1 and Book 2 reviews. I work through the first part of Book 3 and then spend most of my time working on the Beethoven Minuet, lately 45 minutes or more. I still start out plucking each section, slowly; with lots of repetitions. Then I come back and play through the tricky shifts. Now, I'm working on bowing each passage. The bowings are new and complicated, and it's useful to just play each group of notes over and over then add another group. After a short break, I work on some of Mooney's Position Pieces. Then a quick run-through of the orchestra pieces and finally a run-through of the Christmas carol trios.

I've been trying to monitor my right arm as I play - to consider my bow-hold, to try to feel the muscles in use, and to watch what the bow is doing on the strings. At the moment, I don't seem to have any major stumbling blocks to stress over. I'm pretty happy with the sound, even with my intonation. I've noticed too, that the older pieces "feel" cleaner, more like real music.

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