Thursday, November 08, 2007


I'm sort of glad I didn't sign up for NaNoBloMo

I'm having a hard time coming up with material for my two or three posts per week. I think it's the time change. I just hate winter, and I really hate the darkness and now it's coming an hour earlier. I guess I wouldn't mind the darkness so much if it was 30 degrees warmer outside -- hello? algore?...

I saw a news segment this evening that talked about a bloggers convention in Las Vegas. It showed a lot of people sitting at those large round convention center tables writing in their blogs. Hmmm. To make it appear even more pathetic the "man-on-the-street" portion of the clip didn't show one person able to describe what a blog even is. I wonder if the attendees actually sat in the same room for all the speechifying, or did they just log on and read each other's blogs?

CAUTION Spoiler Alert!
So, Smallville, (I admit it, I've been hooked on this lame escapist show from the start): Tonight some of Clark's powers get transferred to Lana via some convoluted lightning-strike-while-she's-holding-kryptonite contrivance. Guess what they do first? Mini-earthquakes ensue. Then after their passions are sated, the superpower goes to her head and she goes on a tear after her ex, Lex Luthor. In the end, as expected Clark and Lana have a super fight and he somehow gets back her powers. Finally, this show has Jumped the Shark.

I really don't want to offend people, but am I the only one who thinks the writers' strike should be extended, like, permanently? Hollywood ought to take a page from Ronald Reagan's book on dealing with the air traffic controllers and fire them all. I'd like to believe there are plenty of talented writers out there who could develop story lines that don't imitate everybody else, who could develop multi-dimensional characters, or who could write dialogue that isn't predictable and so patronizing.

Trouble is, the writers probably just crank out what the directors, and producers, and advertisers demand of them. The dumbing down of television isn't new, but wouldn't you think that with the hundreds of cable channels out there, the extra competition would have led to some creativity, somewhere? Maybe they (we?) should just fire the lot of them.

Firing the lot of them is a problematic solution in two different ways. In the first place, from the labor relations angle, they are striking to get a fairer share of earnings from DVD etc sales of the shows they work on, which seems fair to me. Second, from the quality of writing side of things, my first reaction would be, simply, to kill them, not fire them, because if fired they might find similar work somewhere else. Moreover, if they are simply writing what is demanded by producers, audience, etc, then it's neither their fault, nor would eliminating them solve the problem, because the same demands would then be made of someone else. What would solve the Hollywood bad writing problem, I think, would be this: hire ten year old children to vet all the scripts. If the scripts are stupid, they get to taser the writers, who then get to taser the producers who demanded them.
hahaa. My man writes the music for Smallville.
Er...Emily, I actually like Smallville's music; that has always been a strong point of the show... :)

So, in deference to Emily's man, let's let the music writers off the hook, this time. Yeah, and then we'll have the producers taser the studio execs and we'd all get to taser the advertisers.

BTW, I fully support the writers' rights to their fair share of the royalties from DVDs and online content. I meant to include that disclaimer up front, but I got so carried away by Smallville and Super-Lana that it slipped my mind.
Ooooh... Somebody's cranky. Can't wait to "see" you in February!
Being sort of glad that you didn't sign up seems to me that more of you is sorry you didn't sign up. :-)

Here's a blogging idea: Maybe you could review The Spanish Bow. I started reading it, then put it aside to read The Maytrees (got up to the part about the cellist), which I put aside to read books on how to write novels.

I'd love to hear what you thought of either one.
All I have to say is "Whoa! Those are some BIG nostrils!"
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