Friday, November 02, 2007


Oops, a slight revision

Hortense turned out to be Horace (my bad), which meant that we had to exchange poor Penelope for her brother Henry.

Several days after settling them into their cage we noticed some unexpected behavior by Hortense that suggested we had misjudged the gender. After an internet search, and some bright lighting we confirmed that this piglet was indeed a male. We immediately separated the two and called the previous owner to see if she had any piglets left. They still had one left, but she wasn't sure of the gender. So, I brought them both back, and armed with my new-found gender-determination skills we learned that the leftover piglet was a male. So, sadly I had to say goodbye to Penelope, and I brought home Henry.

Horace was not happy to see another male in his turf, and there was initially quite a bit of dissension in the hutch. This afternoon, the bickering seems to have eased off a bit...


My new practice regimen is working out great. I was able to spend almost 30 minutes today on the Beethoven Minuet, mostly focusing on the shifts. It's coming along nicely. Another 2,500 repetitions or so and I might actually be able to play it.

I'm going to have to decide on a bow by Monday. Today I found myself favoring the darker one again, but only just slightly. Both of them sound so nice.

Very amusing! Maybe some cello music would soothe them. Good luck on the bow choice. Sounds like either one would be good. I still haven't bought a new bow for my new cello, but keep trying bows whenever I work at the violin shop, in part so I can say something more useful than, "Here, try this one" when people come bow-shopping. :-)
consider the bow that "sinks " into the string best. These tend to require less effort to play, and often can provide a more colorful tone. good luck
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