Friday, December 21, 2007


5 hrs., 41 min., 24 sec.

A few Solstice stats:

It officially occurs at 9:08 pm Alaska Standard Time

Sunrise at 10:12 am; Sunset at 3:53 pm

Moonrise at 1:29 pm; Moonset at 10:04 am (20 hrs., 35 min.)

Today's high temperature: 15F
Tonight's low temperature: -10F
Snow accumulation: 1 inch

Until just a few days ago we'd been experiencing considerably warmer temperatures than normal, with no snow.

The night skies have been fantastic!

Mars has been in opposition (also at its closest approach to the earth), and until the waxing moon this week it was large and bright in the skies for up to 20 hours each day (following the winter-moon's path).

Last week's meteor shower was quite a show.

The best news is that the days now start getting longer.


I just got a hit from a Google search - in Arabic - for "5 min., 41 sec."
I LOVE the Winter Solstice. (Listened to Vivaldi's Winter today.) And I always, always tell everyone I see that NOW the days are getting longer. YAY!
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