Tuesday, December 11, 2007


And then there were two

I just heard that our big Christmas concert (for this Saturday) is canceled - no reasons given. :(

This was the one our cello trio, Cellocracy, has been rehearsing for since mid-October, and one of us won't be able to make the other two gigs. All that effort for nothing... Oh well, I sure got to know a bunch of carols.

Maybe next year...

That's a shame. I'm glad you take it this way.
A couple of years ago I was playing cello trio carols in an antique shop (friend of a friend), when another local shop owner heard us and asked us to play in his store for awhile when we were done there, if we were so inclined. We had so much fun, and people loved us. (It was like busking, only warmer, and we didn't accept donations or pay, but the shop owner sent us off with nice goodie bags.)

Sounds like you all have Saturday free. I vote for finding someplace that will let you play, and spreading some holiday cheer instead of just filing things away. It will be a much more interesting memory.
Yes, if there are just 3 of you, it shouldn't be hard to find a venue somewhere. Even a nursing home - you'd be spreading joy, and having a great time yourselves!
Aww, too bad! I hope your trio is able to find somewhere to play. (You deserve the opportunity!)
I agree--I'm sure you can find a place to play: a nursing home or a bookstore/cafe, a craft fair, or other Christmas festivity.

This happened to my flute/cello choir this year. We lost a long-standing gig at a library holiday party because they wanted more space for people (and, honestly, the people talk so much at this gathering that they can barely hear our background music). We easily found a nursing home to play at where people will actually listen and maybe even sing along.
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