Monday, December 24, 2007


Christmas Concert

Orchestra's part: A; Definitely our best performance so far. A definite WOW! And the audience was appreciative.
My part: B+; I messed up a couple bars, but these errors were brief, minor and didn't stand out.

Cellocracy's part: A+; All that practicing together really paid off; our three cellos produced a remarkable sound for those familiar Christmas songs.
My part: A+; I'm really happy with how nicely it all came together. Even my open A's were clean and sweet. We could "feel" it as we were playing it.

Still, we were outclassed by a very talented young singer who floored us all with her rich yet delicate voice. I hope to hear more from her.

I've really enjoyed being immersed in music these last few weeks - not anything remotely like what gottagopractice, or pattyoboe, or Jason Heath are doing this time of year, but still a lot for me. We're taking a few weeks break before starting rehearsals for a spring concert. In the meantime, no more excuses - back to my lessons. I spent today reviewing Book 2; I had let these pieces slide for several weeks because I wanted to work on the orchestra and trio pieces. As I played through them, I noticed that on several where I'd previously had certain stumble-points (especially the shifts), I was able to move past them effortlessly. It seems that the Beethoven Minuet has finally taught me to confidently move away from First Position.

Leaving the concert last night, the snowy skies had cleared, and I was treated to this view overhead as I carefully crossed the icy parking lot with my cello, my cushion/music bag, and my music stand to the car; and then on the long drive home:

This picture of the full moon with Mars (which is both in opposition and on its closest approach to earth)
was taken last night by Dr. Scott M Lieberman in Tyler, Texas.

Merry Christmas, and Happy Music-Making in the New Year!

Oh, yay, how very rewarding. I'm so glad you are ending the year on a high note.

My busy Christmas schedule is done, and I just spent an hour playing the 2nd page of the Saint-Saens concerto slowly, inspired by a Christmas present from Emily Wright. It was soooo much fun, at least partly because it is not an assignment and no one has any expectations of me.

That is an amazing moon.

Merry Christmas, Guanaco.
I was staring at the full moon yesterday here in Miami. Amazing that we live on other sides of the continent but still share the same sky. Glad your holiday was bright and cheery. Marisa
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