Sunday, December 09, 2007



During the next two weeks, I'll be playing in three concerts, working at another, going to at least five more rehearsals, and having one lesson.

I'm excited to be a part of all that music, even if most of it will be Christmas music.

[Aren't these two pathetic? Here they are suffering through their first bath.]

They don't look like they are suffering too badly - but why do guinea pigs need baths?

Enjoy all that music!
I should have recorded their plaintive squeals. Apparently they're supposed to get a bath every three months or so.
That still leaves me wondering "why", so the first site I find is written by an exotic pet vet and says Bathing is quite stressful for guinea pigs, and most guinea pigs rarely need bathing, if ever... The exception to the rule is if your guinea pig gets lice or some other ectoparasite.

Poor pigs. I can live without the squealing, thanks. <g>
I watched a long video at Ponders of Two Guinea Pigs, in which the pig is being blown dry with a hair dryer. He looks very content. Maybe some of them enjoy this?

Have fun at those concerts!
Okay, the little wet one standing up in the water is making me feel really bad for him!
That one is Henry... he did put on a good pity show for us. They sure seemed to enjoy being wrapped up in towels afterwards, and they also seemed to like the hair dryer...
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