Thursday, December 27, 2007



HDMI, 1080p, 1920 x 1280, DTS, HD-DVD, DVR, S-Video.... whew!

Here's where I am after working a bunch of hours over the past two days to disconnect and remove the old system and then unpack, assemble, run new wires, navigate setup menus, and so on for the new one. And I'm still not done. There are still a few problems with getting all the right signals to the right places. But another trip to the store for a new cable ("digital optical" - for audio signals... how weird!) should sort this one out.

This process ought to be easier, somehow... Actually the HDMI cabling concept seems to be an improvement, except most of them require you to run a special setup procedure to activate the HDMI, but these special menus aren't even logically placed in the manuals. If you don't know to look for them, you could end up spending a lot of time checking cable connections. Who writes these things anyway? Fortunately, when I was researching the system on Amazon or Best Buy I ran across a customer's review, who complained about spending hours trying to figure this all out and finally getting through to customer "service" before learning about the special HDMI setup procedures. That sure saved me a lot of grief.

Now I have to try to organize all these wires, somehow, with velcro strips.

What to do with all the old stuff? The 1985 receiver is shot as a tuner, but it has a built-in preamp for the LP turntable, which I'm not ready to part with... unless/until I get a new LP to digital converter. The old dual-deck cassette recorder is pretty useless... Still, maybe I should "archive" all this into storage until these things become valuable again. I threw away a perfectly functioning mechanical adding machine in the late 70s (who needed one after calculators became so cheap?) - now they're rare collectors' items.

We did get to watch a DVD last night (Transformers) on the new TV with all 7 speakers in full surround sound mode. Wow!

Ha! I fought off the "snakes" Xmas Day when installing our new 26" HDTV. Everything got unhooked and re-cabled.

Casualties were the VCR, the gamecube, and the projector. VCR ate the test tape and the projector needs a SVideo splitter. The gamecube was coaxil cable. I couldn't be bothered including it in the mix (at least for now).

Thanks for reminding me of the "Transformers" movie...I added it to my blockbuster queue.

Just finished updating my database of movies today.

Happy New Year!
Nice system! I just love wrapping cables in velcro ties.
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