Friday, January 25, 2008


This is fun

Already I've worked through about half of the Dvorak Humoresque, taking it one section at a time. By the time I've sorted out the rhythms, gone through the fingerings, and repeated and repeated and repeated the shifts, I find I've already memorized the part.

Without realizing it, my two-hour practice sessions have stretched to three or even more.

I can't believe I'm already playing it - well sort of...

Wow, you are making great progress! I guess those 2- and 3-hour a day sessions with the cello really pay off! And if you are half way through the Humoresque, you're mostly done, because of the repetition. I am so impressed!
That's really wonderful to hear how much faster you are learning the pieces you are working on. I hope you are feeling really good about the progress you're making!
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