Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Bridge set

Tonight I finally adjusted the bridge on Cello1's cello. It only took five minutes. What a difference in sound! She'd gotten used to it being so far off for quite some time, so it took her a while to reset her intonation. By the end of our session, she was quite happy with it.

We haven't settled on our "spring" repertoire yet, we're still "trying" out several new pieces. Meanwhile, we're continuing to play through our old repertoire.

At home, I've continued slow-playing all of my practice pieces. I started using the metronome again - it took several days to get used to it after a couple weeks of "freedom". A few days ago I began increasing the metronome rate a few bpms at a time, on the older pieces, up to where I began to stumble again, and then backed off a step...

I've progressed through the C-minor part of the Bach Minuet #3. Yesterday, after several weeks of pizzicato, I began bowing it. My main challenge on this one, for some reason, has been mostly rhythmic (?) The older piece, the Bach Gavotte in C-minor, is coming along quite well.

Not much else to add... Next week, I'll have my first lesson since early December.

I'm glad Cello 1 was happy with the change in her sound! (And I'm sure it's a relief to the rest of you, too...) ;-)
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