Thursday, February 07, 2008


What an evening!

The Sitka Summer(!) Music Festival's Winter Concert enchanted a woefully small audience of about 75 fortunate listeners with:

Khachaturian's Sonata-Fantaisie for Solo Cello played by Mark Kosower;
Rachmaninoff's Selected Preludes for Piano, Op.23 played by Jee-Won Oh Kosower;
Tchaikovsky's Piano Trio in A Minor, Op.50 played by Mark Kosower, Jee-Won Oh Kosower, and Paul Rosenthal on violin.

Almost too much...

I sat in the front row - only a few feet away from the musicians. It was like being inside the music. I'm still listening to the echoes in my head.

I can't even begin to find the words to describe this interesting combination of pieces. I was really impressed with Kosower's presentation of Khachaturian's cello solo. The Tchaikovsky trio was just wonderful!

Once again, thanks to Paul Rosenthal for again bringing a pair of fantastic performers to our frozen land (it was -30F yesterday morning) year after year. He must have some magical power of persuasion: "how about coming all the way to Soldotna, Alaska in its coldest month to put on a concert for only 75 people?"

Does "Mrs. Guanaco" join you on these ventures? Sounds like it was wonderful.

I like your description that "It was like being inside the music." That's sort of how I feel when I play with my orchestra.
Usually, Y doesn't go to these. I did persuade her and Z to come with me to the recent Dvorak cello concerto.

In my orchestra I usually don't feel like I'm "inside" the music, yet. Instead, I feel like I'm part of the noise. Once in a while, though, it does turn into music, if only for a moment.
Sounds like a fantastic concert! and how wonderful to get artists like that clear up to you. I'm glad you take advantage of all those opportunities. Sometimes I think I take for granted all the concerts happening in this city.

I've not heard the Khachaturian, I'll have to look that up. Thanks!
Paul and Linda Rosenthal will be playing with the Simon Sinfonietta in Falmouth on March 22, and in the course of searching the web for information on these violinists, your blog post came up. Then I remembered that my very first concert review (2005) was of Paul Rosenthal playing with the Simon Sinfonietta. (I had mentioned the Sitka Festival.) He was very impressive!

I am not going to review the Paul and Linda concert though; I am turning it over to two violinist friends with whom I play because I have to cover another concert, and it turns out that the other person (Larry Zarella, folksinger) returned to the Cape after living for 16 years in Alaska.

Interesting Alaska connections! I wish I could go to the Rosenthal concert, but like the idea of having a "couple" of violinists to review a "couple" of violinists.
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