Monday, March 10, 2008



I got home tonight at 8:00 after rehearsal, as the sun was setting...

I've read a lot of gripes today about DST, but for me that extra hour in the evening - even in mid summer when the sun sets at 11:15 instead of 10:15 - is so fine. No more SAD until next winter.

I'd like DST too except I get up for work at 6 am. What used to be a pleasant awake-at-dawn experience has turned into a fight against the it's-still-dark-out knock down drag out.

But that will be fixed in a few weeks. But right now the adjustment is a huge pain!
I had a feeling that you were going to like the change. It came a bit soon this year for me, but once I adjust I like DST. It's too bad we can't just stay on it year round, but I know that this would make it too dark in the AM in some locations.
I still have to wake up at 5:30 am (to get Z off to the school bus); and sunrise now doesn't come until 8:30... But it's worth it to get that extra hour in the evening. Anyway, at a gain of 5 minutes of daylight each day, we'll see that morning hour back in just a few weeks.
I don't mind DST myself, I just hate the change over, it's a pain with small children. I'd love to just stay on it year round. It did make rehearsal easier tonight though. I hate going at 7 p.m. when it's already dark and know I have to spend 3 more hours there before I can go home and crawl into bed.
I have been reading your old blogs for about a month now; I was going to wait to post until I had caught up to the present, but it's taking too long! I started at 57 and have been at it for 5 years. I'm loving all the tips I get from you and your "commenters." If in the beginning I'd had any idea how difficult a venture this was going to be, I probably would not have "ventured." The best is---even if I stop progressing, I have infected two granddaughters; one is an 11 year old who plays duets with me! Thanks to you and your blogging friends for all the input. Pam
Hi Pam!

Welcome to my blog and thanks for your kind comments. I've often wondered if I would have started this venture if I had known how difficult it was going to be and how long it would take to get any real sense of accomplishment or progress.

Maybe I should be glad I didn't know; in which case am I doing a disservice to other late starters by diligently documenting all those challenges?
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