Thursday, March 13, 2008


Show Tunes

Cello1 picked up a book of cello duet show tunes from a music store in Anchorage, and Tuesday at our Cellocracy rehearsal we randomly chose three that we liked and started to play through them. One was somewhat challenging, another would surely be doable after some effort, while the third was fairly easy. Something magical came over us as we played through that last one - we played it flawlessly all the way through, fully in sync with each other. The further we got, the better it sounded. As we reached the point where the two parts merged for 8 measures, we were in a fine groove. When it ended, we sat quietly for a moment, savoring it. Then we switched parts and played it again, this time at tempo, again flawlessly. How cool was that?!

We've been playing together for eight or nine months, and we'd gotten so used to having to patiently work our way through each new piece many, many times before ever getting any sense of how it was supposed to sound, much less being able to play it together. I'm always reminded of the confusion and chaos described by John Holt in his book "Never Too Late" when he joined a new quartet and had to sight-read his way through several new pieces that the others had been working on for some time. I'm not very good at sight reading, and immediately stumble at the first tricky rhythm or unusual fingering; then I lose my place and have to fake my way through the rest. I prefer to take the new pieces home and work through these parts several times before I can be comfortable playing them in any group setting.

This was the first time that we were able to play something new so well together right away. It felt great! I actually felt like I was finally a cellist...

It's moments like these that make all that hard work worth it. I'm doing a vicarious happy dance for you. Whoot!
I love those moments... although it sounds like it was significantly more than a moment! They validate so much.

Whenever I ave them, though, they're usually followed buy a crashing failure during the next piece! Hubris, I suppose. Not that I crow about the in-the-grooveness; I think life just wants to remind me that the peaks can only really be appreciated by contrasting them with the lows...
Wonderful, wonderful. Love those "creation" moments.
Congratulations, cellist! May those moments multiply!
That is awesome! I am standing up applauding for Cellocracy!
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