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Our first coaching session with M tonight was really interesting. I'd been looking forward to this all week - as it turned out, we all admitted to being excited about this. She's such an accomplished pianist and musician, and such a nice person... Playing this way just for an audience of one was a little intimidating at first, but we all soon got into the zone. We started out with our set from the last recital. There are still a few bugs to work on, but she pointed out where and how we ought to focus our practices. We brought out one new piece we'd just started working on to show how we typically learn a new piece.

She commented that we seem to be pretty good at listening to each other as we play, and she noticed we were all making slight adjustments as we're playing in order to keep together. She suggested that we should get used to using a metronome at least some of the time, and learn to let the bottom-line hold the beat for us. She also suggested that when we learn a new piece, we ought to play through each part all together a few times in order to get a good feel for what each other is playing.

We'll practice together for the next three weeks without her, then meet with her again in a month.

This is going to be fun.

Isn't it fun and educational being coached? I learn so much from an outside observer because we're so into our music.

Good suggestion about the metronome. Get one with a loud beat. (Dr. Beat is loud.) I was in a piano quartet and was shocked how we had learned to adjust to everyone. Our tempo was all over the place because of it. And just that "fix" made an amazing difference to our pieces.

Have fun with your group.

Noticed your ticker; this Friday will be my 3rd anniversary of playing the cello!
Metronome suggestion. Most metronomes have an audio out. Plug this into your stereo system and then you can really up the volume. This is great because otherwise it is difficult to hear the metronome over the cellos.
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