Sunday, April 06, 2008


History Lessons

We've been entranced by the John Adams series on HBO. What interesting times those were!

Recently we watched the movie, Marie Antoinette, which sure presented a new perspective on her life.

A few weeks ago we saw a performance of Les Miserables by a local high school drama group (including several of Z's friends). It was pretty good.

At the same time Z was reading War and Peace.

[How I envy him that. I so well remember being captivated by that awesome epic of Russia when I too was 16. I read it cover-to-cover in less than a week. For a long time afterwards, I did not want to read anything else; I didn't want to let it go. I've never read anything else quite like it. It's amazing how much of the story came back to me, just from knowing Z was reading it. A few years later, I saw the 7-hour Russian movie of War and Peace (in two installments, one week apart), produced by and starring Sergei Bondarchuk. The hour-long Battle of Borodin used 120,000 extras! By the end of college I had read everything by every Russian author I could find.]

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