Thursday, April 10, 2008


Where the author prepares to display his paltry musical skills once again

Saturday, our orchestra will perform five pieces as part of a group recital. Cellocracy will also play three pieces - a fiddle tune, one of the Matz trios, and a showtune. They all sound pretty good.

I used Finale PrintMusic to combine the two parts of the showtune into one score to help us coordinate with one-another. The way Finale arranges the measures, it's easy to count the beats and see what I'm supposed to be playing in conjunction with the other part.

At my last lesson, I asked my teacher to recommend some bowings for the Matz piece, and I've been busy trying to incorporate them. Today, finally, I got it all right. Whew, I'd begun to worry I wouldn't be ready with this one.

I really enjoy playing with my trio partners. We work so well together with a lot of respect for each other's abilities and efforts.

It was helpful to listen to Emily's podcast this week about performance preparation. The key message I took away from that was to know my parts completely, inside and out so I could play them blindfolded.

Well, I think I'll be ready.

Best of luck with your concert! It sounds as if you are well prepared. I did listen to Emily's podcast and I've been there, done that. My worst recital "messes" have been in the easy sections. I'd better go practice those sections as I have a recital in just over two weeks. I've also heard that skipping over the rests will also get one in trouble. It's a habit now, not to "rest."

Looking forward to hearing all about the concert!
I'll be thinking of you today while I'm practicing. Enjoy your performance. (I'm out of the woodshed for just a few minutes this morning)
Good luck today! I hope it goes very well. I really enjoy playing anything by Matz, although I'm not familiar with the trios.
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