Wednesday, May 14, 2008


A gig!

Today, Cellocracy was asked to provide some of the "entertainment" at a dance studio recital on Saturday. Along with our strings orchestra, we'll play out in the lobby of the auditorium before their recital, again at their intermission, and then briefly at the end.

We met this evening to choose our pieces and then played through them. Our repertoire now consists of seven pieces, the three that we played last October, the three we performed just a few weeks ago, and one that we've worked up since then. We've got two or three more pieces that we're still working on, but we're nowhere near ready to perform them.

As we went through the oldest pieces this evening, we realized how far we've come a as group. They really sounded pretty good - nice coordination, nice tone quality, and that shared feeling of accomplishment as we're playing them.

If you're interested in cello trios, check out this group in Sacramento - Cello Sound.

Congratulations! Sounds like a fun gig, and it is great to hear how much you have improved.

I enjoyed the cello music on the Cello Sound link too. I liked the voice-over comments too: "Cello Sound needs no electricity and can fit almost anywhere." :-)
Whoo hoo!
Nice to be wanted.
Enjoy the gig.
Congratulations on your gig.

Have you looked at the 3 cello stuff offered at Cellogeek's (the male one) free sheet music page? 'Dance of the Knock Kneed Fairy' looks like a hoot.
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