Sunday, May 25, 2008


Keeping On

I'm coming off a rough period where I had to force myself every day to sit down and practice. I was starting to doubt myself - again. I thought I'd never going to learn those tricky passages, no matter how many times I practiced them. I started noticing new random squeaks and screetches. I began to question my bow-hold. And so on. This went on for most of the last week... until yesterday.

At least I was able to convince myself that it was important to keep at it. So, on Saturday I once again reluctantly set up my music stand and stool, fully expecting to have to slog on through another frustrating session. This time, I didn't try to play my usual set; instead I isolated the tricky parts and slowed them down, way down; playing each note by itself, then each group, then each measure, and so on. And, it worked. I was so motivated I kept on playing long after my normal stopping time. Yeah! And today was another good one.... Strange how that works.

Now this wasn't any sort of breakthrough; no step change in abilities or anything. But it is nice to get beyond all those perceived inadequacies for a while, at least.

So I'm writing all this down just to remind myself the next time this happens.

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