Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Great coaching session last night

We spent the full session working on two pieces. The process was really informative and enlightening. The Rudolf Matz trios sure are interesting to play.

Although we haven't verbalized formal goals for these sessions, we agree among ourselves that we're gaining a lot from the process. Since we're still in the early to middle learning stages (meaning that I, for one, make more than a few mistakes), I imagine it might be somewhat challenging for our coach to figure out what to do with us. It certainly is good motivation for me to diligently practice all these trio pieces...

There were actually four of us last night. Since Cello1 is leaving next week for a student summer abroad program, our orchestra conductor (a violist who is currently studying the cello) will fill in during her absence, and maybe even continue on with us after she returns - making us a cello quartet.

It was nice hearing four cellos together.

It's strange this world, I was looking for some scores (Vivaldi Sonata 6) and I bumped into your blog: I am 54, I retired and three years ago I decided to follow my dream and study the Cello.

Sounds familiar?

Sorry my blog is only in Italian and I don't talk just about cello and music but all the things that come to my mind.

I share your same happyness and frustrations and I really enjoy playing with the kid's orchestra at my school (See excerpts of our last concert on YouTube ).

I just wanted to say hello and let you know that there are other "Silver players" around the world.

Have fun.

Gigi Tagliapietra
Lake Garda
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