Wednesday, July 23, 2008


More weather woes

As if anyone would care: our gray drizzly weather of the last 6 weeks has now given way to real rain showers, lots of rain, but now with dark gray skies. We did get a 24-hour break over the weekend when the sky cleared (ah, so blue!) and the sun was bright - I got a sunburn - even though the winds were pretty strong, keeping the temps in the high 50s. But by Monday morning the rains began. Ugh. "They" say we'll see a bit more sun this weekend...

Cello practice continues uneventfully. No breakthroughs, and little obvious progress, but I'm pushing on nevertheless. I'm working on two pieces from Mooney's "Position Pieces", two from his "Double Stops", two from Suzuki Book 3, and of course the first part of the Breval Sonata, and of course my scales. I start on the Sonata by working through my page of practice points for half an hour, then playing that part through several times. On most days I spend a few minutes working on vibrato, but since I'm not getting anywhere on that yet I can't say much about it.

I'll be playing a luncheon concert next Tuesday as part of this year's Kenai Peninsula Orchestra Summer Music Festival. Our strings orchestra will start off playing five or six pieces, then Cellocracy will play seven or eight pieces. I'm going to have to let go of some of my regular practice routines for a few days, because although I'm "up-to-speed" with almost everything, there's always a lot of room for improvement.

There's not much else going on this summer due to the cruddy weather.

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