Wednesday, July 30, 2008



Tuesday we played our lunch-time concert at the library. Our orchestra played six or seven pieces, and then Cellocracy played another half dozen or so. It went well enough. I'm pretty sure the audience didn't notice most of my blunders. It just wasn't my best performance; not what I know I'm capable of doing. Maybe it was the setting, maybe the audience, or more likely it was just one of those days. We've had a few humidity changes lately and my cello hasn't been behaving properly. A few stumbles and sour notes on the second or third piece led to my bow-tip starting to shake a little. Then I started thinking my open A notes were sounding sour and screechy, and I began to miss simple notes and string changes. Fortunately I settled down and played a lot better on most of the rest of the pieces.

I'm wondering if I'm not really ready to be performing with our trio, maybe we ought to spend more time just playing together and not worry so much about performance pieces. There is a lot of cello music suitable for playing as a group; music that isn't necessarily performance-worthy, but fun to play nevertheless. I am feeling pretty challenged right now by my lessons and those dang Mooney books, and I'm thinking I should ease off the performance stuff and focus my energies on my lessons for a while. I'd sure feel better about performing further down the road once I've improved my overall playing skills.

In other news, I quit my part-time consulting job this week. The small company I had been working with arbitrarily cut their hourly pay rates by 30% with no notice and an unacceptable explanation. Oh well. We're not really destitute, yet. Que será...

On the other hand, at least the sun came out yesterday, and today. The first time in weeks! It even warmed up to 70F both days.

Don't stop performing. Anxiety only increases with fewer performances. Constantly performing is the best cure. Those little mistakes become less important over time.
I agree with Marisa, practice makes perfect! In this case, I don't necessarily mean private practice, but practicing performing. Speaking of which, maybe sometime your trio can do small "practice" concerts for just a few family members or friends. That way you can get some experience performing for an audience, without worrying about them being too critical! :)

Sorry to hear about your job. Hope everything's going well for you and your family!
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