Wednesday, July 09, 2008


No summer for us this year, apparently

It's cold and gray, again today. The temperatures linger in the mid-50s, with slight drizzles, day after day after day. The flowers are all stunted, the gardens are a lost hope. We did get two days this last weekend when the thermometer broke 60, although the sun was mostly hidden behind the clouds. I'd planned to powerwash the house and repaint it this summer, but now I'm not sure it will get done.

I've been busy teaching Z to drive. The easy part - learning the mechanics of driving and getting used to the "feel" of the wheel - is behind us. The hard part - developing that sense of judgment, learning to "read" the road and other drivers, and a readiness to react to the unexpected - is ahead of us. That, and parallel parking. We will still have to do some night driving and quite a bit of winter driving (there are so many different types of conditions - snow/ice/slush/rain-on-ice/etc. - that he'll have to learn to deal with) before he can get his own license.

I think i'm facing the dilemma of whether i should learn to drive for the summer vacation.
Oh my gosh! I'll trade you! You can have Texas weather. I want Alaska weather.
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